Developing kids through soccer!

Soccer Haus Colorado Springs has teamed up with the Age-Appropriate, Proven Mighty Kicks Programs to provide awesome Introductory Soccer at the Soccer Haus!

Learning. Playing. Growing.

Presenting Mighty Kicks, the Premier Introductory Soccer Program for Kids! Each innovative session is designed to develop coordination, self-confidence and motor skills, as well as elementary soccer techniques. The positive atmosphere fosters life skills and socialization at a crucial age.

Confidence. Coordination. Character.

Luke Vercollone of the Switchbacks FC, founded the program in 2008 and to this day is excited about how this program impacts the youth of Colorado Springs. With Kelly Robinson and the talented team of Soccer Haus, Mighty Kicks is honored to benefit the community by introducing youth to the world’s greatest game.

One Passion. One Community. One Roof.

Kelly Robinson is the Director of Mighty Kicks for the SoccerHaus location. Kelly plays and coaches locally in Colorado Springs and wants to continue to spread his love and passion for the game throughout the community. 

Program Prices. Class Times

Classes Going on Now! Ages 2-8 Welcomed!
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Our 8-week program is $96 per child; the child attends 1 class per week.
Our classes are offered throughout the week and Saturdays classes available are below.

Class for Ages 2-4 (First Timers)

Mon: 11-11:30am
Tues: 11-11:30am
Wed: 11-11:30am
Thurs: 11-11:30am
Fri: 11-11:30am
Sat: 10-10:30am / 10:30-11:am

Classes for Ages  2-4

Mon: 10-11am / 12-1pm /4-5pm
Tues: 10-11am / 12-1pm /4-5pm
Wed: 10-11am / 12-1pm /4-5pm
Thurs: 10-11am / 12-1pm /4-5pm
Fri: 10-11am / 12-1pm /4-5pm
Sat: 11-12pm
Sun: Closed

Ages 4-6

Mon: 1-2pm / 2-3pm /5-6pm
Tues: 1-2pm / 2-3pm /5-6pm
Wed: 1-2pm / 2-3pm /5-6pm
Thurs: 1-2pm / 2-3pm /5-6pm
Fri: 1-2pm / 2-3pm /5-6pm
Sat: 12-1pm

Ages 5-8

Mon: 6-7pm
Tues: 6-7pm
Wed: 6-7pm
Thurs: 6-7pm
Fri: 6-7pm
Sat: 1-2pm
Sun: Closed

*Class times may change due to minimum kids per class requirement.

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