Our Mission

In the movement of Man 2 Machine we will progressively and continuously strive to see each and every individual break barriers of their Psyche, while educating, and ensuring improvement of knowledge is presented to show that health and fitness is extremely beneficial for a life of longevity and can also be SO much fun.

Personal Training

As a personal trainer, I feel it is my obligation to ensure that each and every individual I encounter is motivated to be a much better and stronger version of themselves. Presenting accurate knowledge of fitness by using exercise prescriptions and instructions, it is my dream to make sure that I am able to impact each life in such a manner, that the thought of what “CAN’T” be done no longer exist.


Becoming skilled in the field of nutrition is the most critical part of any form of health and fitness.  When properly appointed to the human body, nutrition has the ability to cause climacteric changes. “YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT” has more meaning, than what sometimes may be easily undermined. “FOOD” can either increase or decrease the process of health and growth.

Massage Therapy

Massage has multiple types which are known as modalities. The process of manipulating soft body tissue (muscle, tendons, connective tissue, and ligaments) can be the bridge that allows the body to properly heal and be realigned. Massage is delivered to improve blood flow (deliver water, waste, nutrients and oxygen) and to affect the nervous system creating sedation (relaxation) and to enhance tissue healing.

Children’s Fitness

We are now confronted with very challenging times.  Children’s health should always be at the forefront of our minds, seeing as though they will always be the next generation to oversee the future of the human race.  We love to create very fun games and physical activities for children to help them build confidence within themselves and to also help them understand the importance of health and fitness. The time to start is NOW!!!!

Pricing for Man2Machine

Group Classes:

Classes: Every Monday, Wednesday, Friday 8am – 9am & 9am – 10am
Saturday 5:30pm – 6:30pm at Soccerhaus, on the red field.

  • $70 punch card for 10 classes with the 11th class free. Expires 90 days from purchase.

Group Classes (Teams)

  • $7 per person for groups of 20 or more

One-one-one Personal Training:

  • $65 per session if purchased in packages discounts will apply

One Free Nutrition Consultation

One Free Fitness assessment

Meal Plans

  • one month: $210.00
  • two months: $420.00
  • three months: $630.00

Be sure to always trace the palm of the client’s hands for portion sizes per each food group!!!


  • 60 min./$85.00
  • 80 min./$160.00
  • Active Release Technique $55/treatment

Personal Training / Nutrition Packages

  • 1 month Nutrition/ 8 sessions: $570.00 ($210 nutrition package + $45 per PT session)
  • 2 months Nutrition/ 16 sessions: $1140.00 ($420 nutrition package + 45 per PT session)
  • 3 months Nutrition/ 24 sessions: $1710.00 ($630 nutrition package + 45 per training session)

Savings of Meal Plan

  • 1 month meal plan/ 3 meals – 5 days a week ($420.00)
  • 2-month meal plan/ 3 meals – 5 days a week ($840.00)
  • 3-month meal plan/ 3 meals – 5 days a week ($1260.00)

Savings on Personal Training Packages

  • 6 session personal training package              $390.00 save $39.00 = $351.00
  • 12 session personal training package             $780.00 save $117.00 = $663.00
  • 18 session personal training package             $1170.00 save $234.00 = $936.00
  • 24 session personal training package             $1560.00 save $390.00 = $1170.00
  • 36 session personal training package             $2340.00 save $842.40 = $1497.60

Timothy Corner

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