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About Soccerhaus

Our Mission

The best. In Facility. In play. In athletes. We strive to warmly embrace and proudly serve our community stressing the importance of discipline and honor while cultivating the grounds for a life passionately lived, happily shared, and courageously served. Our devotion to our family stretches far further than our fields. Our kind and knowledgable team skillfully awakens and advances every player’s ability, focus and love for the game of soccer. We are a home for heroes. We are a foundation for success. We are a family.

Built by players for players,™

The SoccerHaus is a state of the art facility that will offer arena soccer on three different fields for a wide range of skill levels.  We will host our very own Colorado Inferno professional arena soccer team (MASL), as well as provide an array of soccer leagues for teams to join.  We will also be providing soccer tournaments, soccer camps, and soccer clinics for youth 5 yrs to 17 yrs. SoccerHaus is Colorado Spring’s best indoor sports arena, offering deluxe experiences and state-of-the art features for all people to enjoy. Built by players, for players,™ the 48,000 square foot facility has been designed to bring together a united community of athletes and enthusiasts under one roof. More than just a venue to compete, SoccerHaus serves as a safe and inviting home for multi-age players, members of the military, families and fans alike – accommodating a wide spectrum of league play, recreational interests and special events. The global culture of soccer acts as the heartbeat of SoccerHaus, encouraging patrons to treat the arena as a second home and visit Upper90 – a full-service restaurant and bar for fellowship and festivities.

Warriors Weight Room

In addition to our soccer fields we are proud to introduce our Warriors Weight Room where veterans can rehabilitate, train, strengthen, and work out.

Upper 90 Tavern

We are also proud to announce our Upper 90 Tavern located on the mezzanine floor that provides outstanding views of the soccer fields and the action below. The Upper 90 Tavern will bring a wide variety of delicious meals to players and spectators, featuring both European and American cuisine.


Our Ownership

Ret. Col. Riding



John and Brett have almost 60 years of soccer experience combined.  John and his wife have successfully raised four children, all whom were very active in sports and soccer.  In addition, John has coached soccer for 20 years and has two Master’s of Science degree’s.


Jorge Troncoso



Randall Moore, MS



Dr. Nathan Evens, MD



John Wells

Director of Referees