SoccerHaus Management Company COVID-19 Press Release

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SoccerHaus Management Company COVID-19 Press Release


Date: March 16, 2020

Address: 4845 List Dr.

Topic: COVID-19 and SoccerHaus

Purpose: Directly Communicate SoccerHaus Decision to the Public


SoccerHaus Management Co.

For Immediate Release:   


Attention: Everyone, it is with great anguish and uncertainty that I am informing the Public that the Board of Directors, that govern the SoccerHaus Management Company, have decided to close the facility effective immediately. Collectively, including the Chief Operating Officer, feel that this is the only decision left to make considering the communal circumstances…


Objective: The SoccerHaus Management Company was founded on the principles of being a responsible and trusted member of the Colorado Springs soccer community.  The rapidly developing situation related to the COVID-19 outbreak reminds us that player safety always comes first.  After reviewing guidance from the Center of Disease Control and Prevention and the Colorado State Public Health Department, the SoccerHaus has decided to suspend all activities as of today, 16 March 2020.  This is very disappointing, but the organization will always act in the best interest of the community.  The following will address the current activities that are going on, and how they will be impacted. Subsequently, the future leagues and events will be postponed and rescheduled to a future date.

Current Adult and Fishbowl Leagues:

SoccerHaus will prorate the “value” of the missed game(s), since it is in the final week of 20.1. The team with the best record in the corresponding division will earn the champion title, shirts, and be placed on the new “2020” divisional plaque. The prorated amount will be rolled into the 20.3 session since 20.2 will be cancelled. Last week will be considered the end of the league and standings will be based on best record as of 15 March 2020.

Haus Sports Academy – Spring Break Camp:

To fall in alignment with the Pikes Peak decision to close schools for two weeks to separate children in order to reduce the spread of COVID-19, Haus Sports Academy Spring Break Camp is also cancelled. It would be irresponsible and send the wrong message to families to stay open and risk a public health outbreak resulting in an action that could have been prevented. This was very difficult to decide, as the company recognizes the need for parents to be able to work and earn revenue for their families. Unfortunately, based on the community, safety, health and well-being, the greater good for the whole ultimately defined this announcement to cancel camp.

A full refund will be issued. Please make arrangements via email. Send the requests to so that can be swiftly coordinated.

Apologies, for the inconvenience that this caused, but the health and safety of all is at the basis of this determination.

Mighty Kicks Classes:

Mighty Kicks classes are also being pushed out to 20.3, and will start, 11 May 2020.  The registrations will remain open; however, they will change from 20.2 to 20.3 respectively. Erin Troncoso, the Director of Mighty Kicks will be calling all participants directly. Erin’s email is for questions or concerns.

Upper90 Tavern:

The Tavern will be closed to the public until further notice.  Similar to other food and beverage establishments, this closure will impact the company severely. The staff wants to ensure the safety to the public and encourage everyone to come visit once the company re-opens.  Please do not hesitate to make special event reservations for future dates.  Please do not schedule anything prior to April 25th, as this is a tentative consideration to re-open. All dates are subject to change based on the recommendation to the CDC and the State of Colorado’s Health Department guidelines. Please contact Tim Chalcraft via email at for future reservations or questions.

Upcoming Events, Rentals, and Leagues:

There have been some activities and events on the calendar at the SoccerHaus. These events include but are not limited to the following:

  • Colorado Kenpo Karate Tournament
  • Colorado Springs Bike Swap
  • Colorado Bros Volleyball and Hypeball Tournaments
  • Special Olympics Tryouts
  • Jiu-Jitsu Tournament
  • Collegiate and Professional Training
  • Plus More…

SoccerHaus is working closely with the aforementioned to reschedule the activities and events. Please wait for the announcement to inquire about more details regarding the dates. Appreciate the understanding during this difficult time.

20.2 & 20.3 Leagues –

Leagues are extremely important, and a significant service that is a major priority to deal with correctly for the community.  The company is committed to doing “right” by every player and team. Therefore, all registrations will be moved to 20.3 seamlessly.  If you have paid in full, you will be refunded the entire amount if absolutely necessary less the deposit, as it will be used (per standard/policy) towards the next available session.

If this solution does not meet expectations, and it is deemed inadequate, please email Brett Riding at so a “dialogue” can commence in order to reach an acceptable resolution for the current crisis.

In Closing

Again, while this comes as a disappointment for many, but please rest assured SoccerHaus will spend this time during the off season improving the customers’ experience and will be ready to open the doors when it is deemed safe to do so. Safety and health and will always do what is best for El Paso County, and the Public in which it serves. Outside of the topics mentioned and or discussed, please reach out to the Director of Quality Enforcement via email, John Wells at and leave him a note about the topic of interest.


Sincerely and Respectfully,

SoccerHaus Management Company

Written and Prepared by on this day of

*** 16 March 2020 ***

Board of Directors:

Dr. Nathan Evans, MD, CMO

Ret. Colonel – John K. Riding, CEO

Ret. Major – Jorge Troncoso, CFO

Brett Riding, MBA COO

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